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The first insurance broker in Russian Federation which specializes exceptionally in the insurance of risks and property of wealthy families

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Bilderlings is not just an insurance broker, but a part of the European welfare management group called Bilderlings Wealth. We offer profitable financial and consulting solutions, as well as a range of valuable opportunities in the area of your welfare management..


Created in 2010 by an English broker Lloyd's of London – RFIB Group (formerly known as English-Russian Insurance Broker). In March 2014 purchased by an English company Bilderlings Financial Services LLC, which is a part of Bilderlings welfare management group. Our new offer includes comfortable, accessible and profitable insurance, as well as a wide range of banking and investment services of our group. We offer beneficial co-working conditions, training programs and online support to our partners and agents.


Bilderlings is an independent European financial group, created by the family of a Latvian banker and entrepreneur Aleksandr Peshkov. Since 2006, Bilderlings has been helping wealthy and private individuals and families to save and multiply their business and welfare, providing the necessary financial services as well as individual service. The company's main operational offices are located in Zurich and Riga. In 2014, the group began its activity in the Russian Federation and its Bilderlings Group service platform as well as the platform of its international partners became available for the Russian clients, including personal insurance and banking service, investment management, supporting services and consulting, aimed at risk management, fund protection, saving and increasing of the business value and client's welfare.

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Bilderlings is a next generation insurance broker. We offer comfortable, accessible and safe solutions in the spheres of business risk management and fund possession.

Private Insurance

Private insurance service of wealthy families and private individuals

Corporate Insurance

Insurance service for businesses connected with the above-mentioned individuals


Insurance protection of life and health of wealthy individuals, their main business, private and family wealth

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