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The first insurance broker in Russian Federation that specializes in the personal insurance service of wealthy individuals.

Bilderlings is a next generation insurance broker. We offer comfortable, accessible and safe solutions in the spheres of business risk management and fund possession.

Life and health insurance

Insurance of life and health is a tool that provides comprehensive protection and allows to solve a variety of tasks to protect their health and financial well-being of both your and your family. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you get a full range of life insurance: capital accumulation, investment programs or accident and critical illness insurance programs. Any insurance program may be supplemented and modified according to the wishes and needs of the client

Life insurance programs provide You with the following features:
  • Insurance cover: Accident insurance, insurance against critical illness: primary diagnosis of cancer, disability, insurance coverage in case of death.
  • Savings and profitability: guaranteed savings amount by a certain date or event in your life, guaranteed investment income and the annual investment income - participation in the profits of the insurance company.
  • Refund warranty and capital safety.
  • Ensuring financial stability of your family - insurance for the benefit of loved ones - for example, target savings for retirement, education of the child or real estate purchase. Even in case of failure to pay regular contributions by the insured, as a result of an accident insurance company will continue making contributions and insured will receive the full amount of savings.
  • Legal protection and tax benefits – life insurance savings could not be arrested, confiscated, payment of death and disability is not a subject of personal income taxation, payments after termination of the contract are not taxed if income does not exceed the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, there are necessary tax deduction of personal income tax on contributions for up to 120 000 rubles per year for contracts with validity term of over 5 years. In case of payments on death, there is no waiting period of 6 months and opportunity to challenge the payment in court in the benefit of other persons.
Insurance conditions. Provisional example of the contract:
  • The program mixed insurance, term up to 65 years old, male client. Age 40 years:
  • Life insurance coverage for any reason – RUB 50 000 000
Guaranteed sum at the end of the program – RUB 50 000 000
  • Expected sum upon program termination – RUB 82 245 262,90
  • Annual fee - RUB 2 040 131,68
  • Main program risk: Survival until the end of the insurance period, death for any reason.
  • Additional programs:
Critical illness protection (11 illnesses) for RUB 10 000 000  – Annual fee RUB 56 000
  • Additional program for accidents:
Death by accident – protection sum RUB 50 000 000
Disability due to the accident– protection sum RUB 10 000 000
Trauma caused by accident – protection sum RUB 4 000 000
  • Contribution -  RUB 110 200
  • Bilderlings commission fee: Brokerage commissions for the insurance arrangement is paid by the insurers, unless we agreed otherwise.

Property insurance

Property insurance in case of its loss, accident or damage from the third parties, whether it’s a property of individuals - a house, apartment, home furnishings, valuables or property of legal entities. We offer universal insurance solutions that ensure protection of a wide range of property at various levels, at the same time allowing to take into account your unique needs and particular qualities.

What can be insured:
  • buildings, leased or rented properties, housing under construction.
  • cars, equipment, goods and materials and other property belongings to the companies and organizations.
  • as well as losses caused by interruption in production / business process.
  • civil liability during operation of the insured property.
  • planes, helicopters, rare and classic cars, yachts.
  • apartments, townhouses, houses, cottages, bathhouses, farm buildings in the suburban area; household goods: furniture, household items, appliances, antiques, jewelry, etc.
it is possible to protect your property from the following risks:
  • “All risks” coverage
  • Insuring loss on a “specified peril”: fire, lightning, explosion (including the explosion of gas), the fall of flying devices, damage caused by water, illegal actions of third persons, natural disasters, terrorist act.
  • Property and liability insurance. Office and interior office space (the area of 3 700,00 м2).
  • Insurance is provided against the following risks:
    - Fire;
    - Lightning strike;
    - Explosion (including gas explosion);
    - Flying devices fall;
    - Damage caused by water;
    - Illegal actions of third parties;
    - Natural disasters.
Insurance loss coverage: RUB 190 000 000,00
Civil liability coverage: RUB 27 000 000,00
Coverage limit for civil liability for a single case of insurance: RUB 10 000 000,00
Property policy premium: RUB 135 270,00
Civil liability policy premium: RUB 35 100,00
No deductible.
  • Bilderlings commission fee: Brokerage commissions for the insurance arrangement is paid by the insurers, unless we agreed otherwise.

D&O directors liability insurance

D&O policy allows the director to be insured from unintentional mistakes or omissions and compensate expenses, connected with the protection from the third parties claims for financial loss coverage and/ or companies. For example, it may be claim assertion to the director by the shareholder or owner because of the decisions poor quality, claims from partners, customers, creditors, banks, and government agencies.

  • Risks covered by the directors liability insurance policy:
Poor quality of decisions, incaution, bad management and control;
Incautious investments, misguided policy in M & A transactions;
Misuse of information and copyright;
Decision making without necessary caution;
Mistakes, inaccuracy or incomplete disclosures in the financial statements, investment returns and the prospectus;
Tender procedures violation;
Unjustified use of company funds;
As well as other requirements in connection with manager inappropriate actions.
  • Policy has following coverage: protection (payment of legal and expert services), preliminary clarification of the circumstances that caused damages, court costs, investigation by state authorities, restoration of reputation.
  • Example: Gross annual income of the company is RUB 50 000 000
Desired insurance sum according to the contract RUB 14 000 000
Contract premium RUB 45 000,00
Unconditional deductible RUB 30 000,00
  • Bilderlings commission fee: Brokerage commissions for the insurance arrangement is paid by the insurers, unless we agreed otherwise.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber risk insurance – is one of the fastest growing types of insurance, as in the digital age, almost any company that processes electronic personal data by means of portable devices, computers, servers, internet resources is at risk of cyber-attacks. As well as these risks are highly susceptible for companies that use automated control systems, as external intervention can cause significant financial losses

What losses covers cyber-risks insurance:
  • Liability for the use of personal data or corporate information
  • Break in the activity of the enterprise / network
  • Liability for information keeping
  • Virtual extortion
  • Regulatory institutions investigations
  • Anticrisis PR
  • E-data
  • Example:
Each offer is base on the individual peculiarities of the client’s inquiry.
  • Bilderlings commission fee: Brokerage commissions for the insurance arrangement is paid by the insurers, unless we agreed otherwise.

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