Insurance of a private
or corporate yacht

For almost 10 years, Bilderlings has been successfully helping yacht owners to find optimal insurance solutions and safely providing perfect quality of service during the insurance cases

A private motor yacht creates a new dimension in your life both in the new lifestyle and having knowledge about an incredibly complex object as regards the technical side. Taking into account a big cost of your private or corporate yacht, it is obvious why an efficient organization of protection and insurance of the risks is so important.


Organization of Insurance and Risk Management

  • Of a new serial yacht, or a yacht, constructed by an individual project
  • Of a used yacht, purchased on the secondary market
  • Of a yacht being in the process of construction at European shipyards.

Bilderlings is not just an insurance broker, but a part of the European welfare management group called Bilderlings Wealth

We offer profitable financial and consulting solutions, as well as a range of valuable opportunities in the area of your welfare management.

Insurance Terms


From 500 000 Euros (or the US Dollar or Pound equivalent).


Yacht Clauses, including the coverage of 100% of the yacht Hull and Machinery cost, on-board property, passengers and crew, and full coverage of the risks of the yacht's owner's responsibility (P&I).

Vessel Age

Up to 25 years.

Insurance Rate

Market rate according to the best quotations of the leading Russian and abroad insurers. The insurance premium depends on the history of exploitation of your yacht and cooperating with Bilderlings.

Bilderlings Commission Charges

Our services are paid for on the contract basis and, as a rule, by the insurance companies.

Valuable Solutions for Our Clients

We offer you rational and economical insurance solutions with constant high quality and time of performance.

We save your funds, organizing a competitive selection of insurers by the reliability criteria - price - quality - time-frames.

We save your budget, interacting with other specialists in the process of construction and exploitation of your yacht in terms of risk management.

We take care about reducing your risks and during the insurance cases we provide full escort, operative and objective complaint settlement. From the notice to the payment.

We provide a comfortable online service: A personal cabinet, which grants online access to the information about insurance and assessment of the cost of your yacht, online monitoring of the insurance cases, as well as the access to the insurance of your other property, business, life, health and responsibility risks.


Freight insurance
in international
trade deals

Bilderlings Insurance Brokers offers beneficial terms of international trade operation insurance, supported by contemporary financial and technological solutions

Our strategical partners in this business niche are leading Russian insurance companies, Lloyd's, continental insurance and reinsurance companies, international credit risk insurance companies, as well as Bilderlings Pay and Baltikums Bank. We perform insurance of international deals with different merchandise groups as well as support through our partners in the sphere of deal financing.


We are ready to help you organize the insurance

  • Of the goods at the customs warehouse
  • Of the goods on the road
  • Of the goods in the process of transfer and at the temporary holding warehouses.

Bilderlings Insurance Brokers is a part of a European financial group called Bilderlings Group

If your business is connected with foreign-trade operations and logistics, we offer you reliable insurance solutions and consulting support.

Terms of Insurance
(adapted to the Baltikums Bank Terms of Financing)

Coverage Amount

From 500 000 to 10 000 000 Euros (or the US Dollar or Pound equivalent).


The whole transporting period from the loading place to unloading at the destination + storing at a customs warehouse (if needed) or a general 1-year contract.

Insurance Rate

Insurance Coverage

We compensate the loss which is the result of full or partial merchandise loss or damage, which comply with the international Institute Cargo Clauses terms (London Insurers Institute) A, B C:

We also compensate the loss due to measures of saving the merchandise.

Bilderlings Commission Charges

The broker commission charges for insurance organization is paid by the insurers, unless other was agreed. Other fees and commission payments (credit broker commission charge, consulting fee, etc.) are paid according to a separate agreement with the client.

The Benefits of Our Offer

The best and most reliable insurance terms on the market, available through our open platform in the EU and worldwide.

Offer Complexity: all offers, apart from escorting and helping in the insurance organization, merchandise assessment, their shipping and storing, including law and legal expertise.

Comprehensive online support, consolidation and record of the operations and funds with the client cabinet, mobile and internet-bank of Bilderlings and Baltikums.


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